Ep. 11 – Oldboy


Oh you’re in for a treat with this one! The Snobs sat down to discuss the cinematic journey that is Oldboy; the 2nd installment in of South Korean director Pak Chan-wook’s Vengeance Trilogy. If you haven’t seen Oldboy before, we HIGHLY recommend you watch it before you listen because this recording is filled with spoilers. Now, enjoy the masterpiece of Oldboy!


3 thoughts on “Ep. 11 – Oldboy

  1. I enjoyed your assessment of Old Boy. I agreed pretty much with everything you all said. Although, I am not sure of its resemblance of Amelie. Maybe the color and how it was shot, but nothing else was reminiscent.

    I can’t wait to see what Spike Lee does. Spike Lee is very creative and individual in his approach to movies, but Old Boy is such an individual story. If he changes any elements, I just want if the story will be as intriguing. Can’t wait for your Part 2 assessment after the remake!

    And whichever of the 3 of you was “disappointed” by Korean movies (was that you Cicely), I’ve got a list that you probably haven’t watched. I love the Korean genre. I think they are particularly good at their crime/thriller genres. Let me know if you need some recommendations to watch and discuss. :)

    • Hey Miss lady! Thanks for the great comment and you’re right, it’s me (Cicely) has a love/hate (or moreso a ‘love to hate’) obsession with korean horror movies. Please share you list and get me out of that rut!

    • I just watched the trailer for the new Oldboy. I don’t know if I want a reboot of this movie. I don’t know if this movie needed to be retold. I’m not excited about it in the least. Blegh.