Ep. 14.1 – Snobbie Short -Q&A with Orlando Vicente

Q&AWhat does a world traveling freelance filmmaker watch when no one is looking? Tune in to hear Kalena Michele pick freelance filmmaker Orlando Vicente‘s brain on some of his favorite flicks.


Ep. 14 – Prometheus & The ‘Alien’ Franchise

prometheus_movie-wideJoin the Snobs as we discuss the 2012 Ridley Scott pseudo Alien prequel, Prometheus, and the good, bad, and the ugly of the Alien franchise.

*post recording edit— while discussing the greek mythological origin of Prometheus, the snobs erroneously referenced the story of Icarus as that of Prometheus.


Ep. 13.2 – Snobbie Short – The Family

the-family-movie-posterKalena Michele caught a screening of The Family and gives her review.