Ep. 14 – Prometheus & The ‘Alien’ Franchise

prometheus_movie-wideJoin the Snobs as we discuss the 2012 Ridley Scott pseudo Alien prequel, Prometheus, and the good, bad, and the ugly of the Alien franchise.

*post recording edit— while discussing the greek mythological origin of Prometheus, the snobs erroneously referenced the story of Icarus as that of Prometheus.


One thought on “Ep. 14 – Prometheus & The ‘Alien’ Franchise

  1. lol Nice ep. I almost died when Kalena said, “Ugh, this movie”. I will see the next one if there is a next one. But I will will not go to the theater for it.

    And the woman should bleed to death in the pod and not be in the next one because they closed her up with just a set of heavy duty staples, which she probably ripped open. lol