Ep. 16 – Race-bending and Whitewashing in Films


The Snobs sit down to discuss ‘Race-bending’ and ‘Whitewashing’ of characters in film. Is it ever appropriate? Listen in and tell us what you think?

Note – In the podcast we mention Angelina’s portrayal of multi-racial journalist Mariane Pearl in the movie A Might Heart as an example of both race-bending and whitewashing. Here’s a picture of the two side by side.



2 thoughts on “Ep. 16 – Race-bending and Whitewashing in Films

  1. speaking on bending. i think one reason for race bending is just to see if the actor can pull it off. everybody so damn sensitive these days its interesting to me to see robert downing jr. trying to play a black dude. and i love halle berry but she shouldnt have played storm. serena williams shouldve played storm. im just saying.

    • Really, Vicente? Serena Williams? Well, she would certainly have brought that authenticity to the role. Now I’m imagining her in skin-tight leather, a cape and a white wig…..I don’t know how to feel about it.