Ep. 17.1 – Snobbie Short – The Best Man Holiday Review

The-Best-Man-Holiday-poster1It’s the season for those feel good holidays flicks. Tune in to hear our review of the sequel to The Best Man, The Best Man Holiday!


2 thoughts on “Ep. 17.1 – Snobbie Short – The Best Man Holiday Review

  1. I was also really glad I spent the money to support this film. It was a date night trip to the theatre with my wife and I was pleasantly surprised with this sequel. Ladies keep doing what doing!

    • Thanks for the love Jeremiah! I totally agree. I didn’t plan on seeing this film in the theater but after hearing such great things and being in the mood for a “easy” feel good movie, I (Cicely Joi) decided to catch an early matinee right after Thanksgiving. My teary-eyed face in the last half of the movie definitely proved it wasn’t as easy going as I thought but still money well spent :)