Ep. 38 – Dope, Deadpool, and Deadly X-men

Dope, deadpool, deadly Xmen

After an extended hiatus, Kalena Michele and Cicely Joi are joined by friend and fellow Snobbie Jai Field to discuss some of the things we’ve be watching.  We also go deep into why “Dope” was so…dope, why “Deadpool” was everything, and why Bryan Singer didn’t seem to do “X-Men: Apocalypse” justice.  THIS EPISODE CONTAINS SPOILERS!


Ep. 36.1 – Snobbie Short – Crimson Peak

crimson peakCicely’s been to the movies!! In this Snobbie Short, she tries to convince Kalena to see “Crimson Peak”.


Ep. 33.3 – Snobbie Short – The Incredibles 2

incredibles2_hugeKalena is so excited about the next installment of her favorite Pixar movie! Her sister Lauren is back to discuss the upcoming, Incredibles 2.


Ep. 33.1 – Snobbie Short – Ant-Man : Fantastic 4

antman-F4Thumbs up or Thumbs down for the latest Marvel (and 20th Century Fox) movies? Tune in to listen!


Ep. 32.1 – Snobbie Short – Chappie

chappieTune in to hear what Cicely thinks of Neill Blomkamp’s latest film, Chappie.


Ep. 32 – Time Travel Movies


Piggy-backing off of some our recent discussions, the Snobs sit down to for an in-depth discussion about the theme of time travel in movies. What are your favorite time travel flicks?


Ep. 31 – Snobbie Special – Game of Thrones

got21Season 5 is over and the Snobs are distraught. Time to reflect and discuss Game of Thrones!!


Ep. 30 – Interstellar


The Snobs have been under the weather lately but that hasn’t stopped them from watching movies! Tune in and hear Cicely literally lose her voice discussing Christopher Nolan’s 2014 sleeper hit, Interstellar.


Ep. 29 – Ex Machina + A.I. Movies

exmachinaThe Snobs discuss the theme of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in movies and the current film depicting this topic, Ex Machina.


Ep. 22.1 – Snobbie Short – Jupiter Ascending review


Cicely Joi’s been to the movies! Here’s her review of the latest creation of the Wachowskis, Jupiter Ascending.