Ep. 36.1 – Snobbie Short – Crimson Peak

crimson peakCicely’s been to the movies!! In this Snobbie Short, she tries to convince Kalena to see “Crimson Peak”.


Ep. 27 – It Follows

it-follows-mainKalena was so excited about this film that the review couldn’t wait for another day. So we’re recording live from the theater parking lot!. Tune in to hear what we thought about the potential cult classic, It Follows.


Ep. 21 – Interview with Blue Lantern Films & Phillip Seymour Hoffman Remembered



With GA becoming the hollywood of the south for film-making these days, the Reel Snobs thought it was time to start showcasing local independent film companies and the gems that are being made in our home state. We sat down with two of the guys of Blue Lantern Films, Eric Blue and Scott Salamon, to discuss their production company and upcoming feature film, Beacon Point. If you are into horror and thrillers as much of the Snobs are, you won’t want to miss this film. For now, check out the trailer below and we’ll keep you updated on release dates.

We also wanted to take a moment to talk about the phenomenal actor that was Phillip Seymour Hoffman and some of our favorite roles of his. His talent will definitely be missed.




Ep. 20 – Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones/ Found Footage Flicks

The-Top-13-Found-Footage-Horror-MoviesThe Reel Snobs are back for 2014 with our network and Netflix picks (i.e. Community, Helix and The Square)! Also, we discuss the latest installment of the popular found-footage  series, Paranormal Activity, and why Cicely and Ms. Jones won’t be watching the Oscars.


Ep. 5 – House of Voices vs. El Orfanto

HOV_ELORFANTONobody watches scary movies like we watch scary movies.  The Snobbies are back with a comparison discussion of two foreign horror films “House of Voices” (“Saint Ange”, 2004) and “The Orphanage” (“El Orfanato”, 2007).