Ep. 36 – Movie-TV-Popcorn Bag Pt.1

cropped-cropped-RS-Logo_S.pngIn the first of a two-part episode, Cicely and Kalena decide to just talk about everything they’re been watching.  It’s a grab bag…a popcorn bag of everything from movies to episodic to YouTube videos. Honorable mentions are “Master of None”, Buzzfeed’s “Whine About It” series, episodic series “The Affair”, and many more.


Ep. 28.2 – Snobbie Short – Kink


Tune in to hear Kalena’s review of the documentary, Kink; now available of Netflix.


Ep. 20 – Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones/ Found Footage Flicks

The-Top-13-Found-Footage-Horror-MoviesThe Reel Snobs are back for 2014 with our network and Netflix picks (i.e. Community, Helix and The Square)! Also, we discuss the latest installment of the popular found-footage  series, Paranormal Activity, and why Cicely and Ms. Jones won’t be watching the Oscars.