Ep. 16 – Race-bending and Whitewashing in Films


The Snobs sit down to discuss ‘Race-bending’ and ‘Whitewashing’ of characters in film. Is it ever appropriate? Listen in and tell us what you think?

Note – In the podcast we mention Angelina’s portrayal of multi-racial journalist Mariane Pearl in the movie A Might Heart as an example of both race-bending and whitewashing. Here’s a picture of the two side by side.



Ep. 13 – Lee Daniels’ The Butler


If you haven’t seen Lee Daniels’ The Butler yet…for shame!!!! All I have to say is that if this movie or any actors featured in this movie don’t receive an Oscar, then there needs to be a coup d’état with the Academy. I can’t say enough about how wonderfully perfect this film is. Please see for yourself and take a listen.